Ed Miliband: Cometh the hour, cometh the humbug

Ed Miliband with banner
Creative Commons License photo credit: net_efekt

It is just unbelievable to read through Ed Miliband’s speech from Saturday. These are cuts which would be a bit less under Labour. And yet, with breathtaking hypocrisy, he attempts to compare the protests against them with the Sufragette movement, the US Civil Rights movement and the anti-Apartheid movement. He quotes from Martin Luther-King. He even compares the situation to the struggle by this country in the Second World War.

The hyperbole is skin-crawlingly opportunistic and totally inappropriate. To choose such rhetoric is a remarkable misjudgment.

For such vast rhetoric, Ed Miliband should now tell us how he could possibly cut the deficit to the extent which Labour has said they would, in a way which would be so different as to not be appropriate for the same condemnation.

Is he likely to do this?

Is he ‘eck as like.