Thank God for the Bishop of Buckingham

His Grace has written a superb article in the Guardian on the Christian foster parents story. It is a beautifully written piece which succinctly shoots the canard around this case. It’s worth reading in full here. Here’s a snippet of what he wrote:

Ask a legal question and you will get a legal answer – ask a legally silly question and you will get a flea in your ear. This week a Pentecostal couple, Eunice and Owen Johns, were denied a judgment stating that their views on homosexuality were no bar to fostering children. This case could inspire tremendous hufflepuff among those who set themselves up as professional guardians of Christianity. Indeed, there are already voices in the blogosphere suggesting it presages a day when the forces of political correctness will come in the night to take Christians’ children away from them.

They will do no such thing on the basis of this judgment. Without any prejudice to anyone’s right to adopt or foster, the court declined to collude with a silly, manipulative attempt to wring from it declarations that would privilege a particular view of homosexuality held by some Christians (but not others) in the world of childcare.