More LibDem ministers open up to undercover "surgery constituents"

Oh, the Telegraph does like its little series doesn’t it? Bless them.

Now we have three LibDem ministers who have been “caught” on tape saying what we thought they believed anyway.

Michael Moore thinks the tuition fees disaster was a disaster. Steve Webb has raised lots of detailed points about the child benefit changes. And Ed Davey is worried about the housing benefit changes.

They all express their views in trenchant terms.

Good for them. They have not had their brains dewired on entering government.

It is, in fact, reassuring that these ministers, all of whom are of very high integrity in my book, have wrestled with their consciences. In a way, I am surprised they are still in the government given the views they state, but perhaps that indicates their belief in what has been achieved by the coalition by way of Liberal Democrat policies.

It is fascinating that Ed Davey was “frankly gobsmacked” when he heard about the child benefit changes.

Overall, we have a picture here of ministers who, refreshingly, still have their brains intact and are fighting for the very policy changes which one would expect them to fight for.

It’s just such a pain in the proverbial that those clever dicks at the Torygraph can crow about this.

There is no scandal being uncovered here. Cable and the three other ministers have nothing to be ashamed of, except for having a brain and an ability to express themselves. As James Graham comments, what the Telegraph is uncovering here, is weak policy making. Announcing something on breakfast television, as Osborne did with the child benefit changes, to “gobsmacked” fellow ministers is absolutely the wrong way to make policy. And it shows. Currently we have a child benefit policy proposed which has more holes than a holey collander.


2 thoughts on “More LibDem ministers open up to undercover "surgery constituents"

  1. It isn’t entirely clear what the torygraph thinks it will achieve with this. Will it destablise libdem support further? Will it undermine the coalition? I doubt it. That they are demonstrating that mps haven’t fully bought in to the tory agenda and remain committed to libdem values is a very positive thing as far as i can see. Many will take some comfort from that. It does raise questions of judgement in terms of who an mp is willing to say what to. It makes their willingness to defend in public the objectionable parts of coalition policy even more annoying. It certainly further damages the political process if it stops mps from talking frankly to those they are supposed to represent.

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