Iain Dale quits blogging – but doesn't really

Iain explains here. He is stopping blogging, except he isn’t. His Daley Dozen will continue, his blog will still be there and he’ll be updating it with posts when he feels like it. Which is….er…..blogging. Oh, and he’ll still be tweeting – which is micro-blogging.

Anyway, thanks for showing us how it should be done – if you ignore the content – Iain. You have been an inspiration – or perhaps an “anti-inspiration” (in terms of your views) – to many of us.

Being slightly picky I make one observation: Iain says:

I hate the backbiting that goes along with (blogging).I hate the character assassination that is permanently present.

Presumably, then, it was another “Iain Dale” who wrote yesterday:

I have to say I am gobsmacked at Ed Miliband’s choice of Director of Communications, Tom Baldwin. It seems I am not alone. Three seasoned lobby journalists have rung me with their not wholly complimentary views. They’ve used phrases like “accident waiting to happen”, “what on earth were they thinking?” and “you can’t say Ed Miliband isn’t a risk taker.” Indeed not.


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