Government demonstrates how to cheese off 9,500 keen people

Creative Commons License photo credit: thomas brasington

Well, it must have seemed a good idea at the time. Ask people for their views. What policies do you want?, was the question. Nick Clegg and David Cameron launched the idea with great fanfare. Crowd sourcing, it’s called – apparently.

Except now 9,500 people have taken the trouble to respond to the government with their ideas, the government has told every single one of them to bog off – basically. All the replies from the relevant government departments to the responders say “Thanks but no thanks” – in Sir Humphrey-speak.


Simon Burall of Involve, a group advising bodies on consultation, comments:

You have to give the government some credit for trying to do this, but badly designed consultations like this are worse than no consultations at all. They diminish trust and reduce the prospect that people will engage again. This is a dangerous problem for a government that is going to have to take people with them when they make very difficult decisions.


One thought on “Government demonstrates how to cheese off 9,500 keen people

  1. As someone who bothered to respond, with a serious suggestion, I was seriously pissed off when the site was taken down. Most of the proposals made sense and the daft ones (fire all Daily Mail readers into the Sun, for example) were obviously daft.

    What’s worrying me more at the moment, though, are the dog whistles from the right about the future of the BBC. If Clegg backs a Cameron led and Adam Smith Institute/neocon led demolition of Auntie I’ll manning the barricades, along with millions of other disgruntled Radio 4 listeners. Not a pretty sight.

    Seriously (and it’s not just about the Beeb), Clegg, Cable and co. seem to be showing every sign of selling their souls to the devil all for the sake of a PR referendum they’re bound to lose. As things stand, if the Libdems are blown away completely at the next election I’d be very pleased indeed.

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