England football team – time to call off the dogs

The Sun have a front page splash on the England Football team headed “Are you havana laugh?” The photo on the front page involves a cigar – geddit?????!!!!

Apparently it is totally forbidden now for the gents in the team to have a beer or smoke a cigar. That’s wrong.

I think it is time to call the dogs off the England football team. There should be an independent enquiry into our World Cup performance.

But we should remember that we got further than France and Italy (both World Cup winners within the last 12 years). And we should lower our expectations. If we consoled ourselves to the fact that we are never going to win the World Cup again – unless we host it again – then perhaps we might be pleasantly surprised. It’s far less painful than the other way round – thinking we’re going to win and then getting constatnt disappointment.

In the meantime, we should cheer ourselves with the successs of our Cricket team! There you are – cricket – a real sport!


6 thoughts on “England football team – time to call off the dogs

  1. “Apparently it is totally forbidden now for the gents in the team to have a beer or smoke a cigar. That’s wrong.”

    The odd beer might not be a problem although I see this example as ‘politically’ inept on the part of the imbibers in the aftermath of England’s performance but I guess they might never engage their brains sufficienctly to think of that.

    Any professional sportsperson who smokes is no professional sportsperson at all

    “And we should lower our expectations”
    Now there I agree with you. Mainly because this shower are not apparently professional enough in their attitudes towards their own personal performances to recognise that their skills require continuous update and improvement.

  2. As someone who isn’t an England supporter, I was just thinking that the English fans should be grateful to the Germans because they have avoided a probably greater and more humiliating thrashing by Argentina.

  3. I say hound the useless winkers until they resign. The whole Team England are a shower of sheet. I hope they get booed when the season starts. BTW – I make these comments confident that we would be lucky to get to the semis.

    I bet there isn’t one player that has a handicap in double figures.

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