England's football team – the problem outlined precisely in Geordie

This is priceless. Chris Waddle blows all of Radio Five Live’s fuses with a high decibel shouting rant after yesterday’s England defeat. It’s at 2′ 26″ 00 here, delivered in a marvellous Geordie accent. It’s worth a listen. Here’s the gist of it:

The FA just sit on their backsides and do NOTHING after tournament after tournament. Why don’t they look at other countries and say: How do they keep producing talent? We coach talent out of players…The amount of money <inaudible> is frightening. All we do is waste money on RUBBISH ideas.


The ignominious lowering of the St George's flag over Downing Street

The Press Association reports that the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson has confirmed that the St George’s flag was removed from the Downing Street flagstaff  “early this morning” and has been replaced by the Union Flag.

I said all along that it was a mistake to fly the St George’s flag, instead of the Union flag, above Downing Street during the World Cup. It creates unnecessary division and is an  affront to all the Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and English sportswomen and men who represent us and win in many other sports. It is Little Englander snobbishness at its worse in the very place in London which should clearly and proudly proclaim the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at all times, without picking and choosing between sports and constituent nations.

And now we see another reason why the St George’s flag shouldn’t have been raised – it has to be lowered under cover of dawn in the most humiliating of circumstances. Most undignified. 

I wonder if the “Last Post” was played as it came down….