Lembit puts his name forward to be London Mayor

Well, in the list of “101 uses for a Lembit” this certainly comes high up.


Balls hypocrisy and chronic amnesia

After sleeping through it last night, I have now watched Question Time on iPlayer. Vince Cable put in a superb performance – he’s particularly strong around 20′.

Ed Balls was remarkably hypocritical. This was obviously his audition for the Labour leadership. He seems to have developed chronic amnesia about anything which happened before May 6th.

For example, he criticised the early retirement of Jock Stirrup saying that it was dangerous for governments to interfere with independent advisors.

The name “Professor David Nutt” means nothing to you then, Ed, does it?

Saint Will of the Hutton

Through a strange pattern of dosing and then snapping bolt upright at midnight, I heard Question Time last night through the gauze of my dreams. Then I watched This Week, for once, completely alert. It was a great programme with some excellent discussion on the budget, especially that with Saint Will of the Hutton, who is now my affirmed hero and guru. If you missed it you can watch it again on BBC Parliament tonight at 6pm or it will be here on iPlayer after that.