Fiorina dismisses climate change as "the weather"

Well, I suppose it was an accident waiting to happen. Former corporate big shot Carly Fiorina is running for the US Senate in California. She has been producing some very odd TV adverts in her Republican primary campaign, buoyed by her personal fortune. Now she has set her sights on the incumbent, Democrat Barbara Boxer, and has, I think, scored an own goal, give Californians’ sympathy for Global Warming:

From Political Wire:

In a new ad, Carly Fiorina (R) mocks Sen. Barbara Boxer’s (D-CA) concern for climate change as a national security issue.

Says Fiorina: “Terrorism kills — and Barbara Boxer’s worried about the weather.”

Ben Smithsays it’s “either a sign that global warming is no longer taken seriously even in California, or a very odd poltiical calculation.”


Prayers for Cumbria

It’s difficult to find words about the Cumbrian shooting tragedy. Suffice it to say, my prayers are with the whole community of Cumbria who will take years to come to terms with this horrific event. There are chilling paralells with (and some key differences from) the 1987 Hungerford tragedy. More were killed in the Hungerford tragedy but it involved a lone man who snapped and killed a close family member as well as random people. The Hungerford killings started in a wood. The Cumbrian killings ended in a wood.

The Hungerford tragedy hit, more or less, one community (although the policeman killed was from Newbury). Hungerford is a rurally based small town. With the Cumbrian tragedy it involves small communities which are rurally based. But the key difference with Cumbria, which is heart-rending, is that the tragedy and therefore the trauma, is spread across numerous communities large and small.

I hope that some of the people involved in the Hungerford tragedy are able to provide some support and comfort to those affected in Cumbria.