Laws resigns – what a waste!

When we finally hear what the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has to say on the David Laws’ case we’ll finally know the truth of the episode.

I feel intensely sorry for David Laws and his friend. It seems that a desire to keep their private life private may – may – have caused a misjudgment by Laws.

I suspect his resignation was inevitable in the end. I am sure Laws will bounce back.

What is a great shame is that David Laws was almost uniquely placed to pull the UK out of its financial deficit in a humane way.


3 thoughts on “Laws resigns – what a waste!

  1. Utterly agree..but he has been stupid and unfortunately I think he has to respect the current situation (a precarious coalition).

    Even though you blame the Telegraph, the point is, the opposition would not let this go and such is the standard of politics in the UK, a bitchiness prevails, one that even you indulge in sometimes when the circumstances permit.

  2. I said earlier, this is not about sexuality in so far whether he should resign or not. It is, however, regrettable that a gay man should feel the way he does (if he is genuine), but when I first heard the stormy, the fact he was gay didn’t even register on the ‘do I care’ scale. The fact his judgement did, says it all.

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