Young Britons Foundation Hung Parliament leaflet is delivered far and wide

As usual I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday to do “trade bell” deliveries. Imagine my astonishment when I noticed some “outside heavies” delivering a leaflet on my patch! How very dare they! Anyway, I nonchalantly crept up behind them to see what they were delivering. It was certainly heavy gauge card with a picture of Big Ben tower on it.

When I got home, I saw that the “outside heavies” had very kindly delivered one of their leaflets to my house. It was a single A4 piece of card saying that the entire civilised world will go into advanced meltdown if there is a hung parliament. There are pictures of it here and here. It was from the Young Britons Foundation (although the deliverers were far from young). YBF are obviously a proxy Tory agency – rather like the Political Action Committees (PACs) in the US like the Swift Boater groups. Bless them. Long may they waste early morning long car journies and heavy card on such rubbish!

This leaflet seems to be going out in LibDem/Con marginals. Here’s a list of where I have heard reports of it going out:

Newbury (me!)


East Grinstead

Mid Sussex


Norwich South



Chippenham (by email)

Broadlands (by email)

Watford (by email)

St Albans (by email)

Bradford East (Comment below)

Colchester (Comment below)

Oxford West & Abingdon (Comment below)

Taunton (Comment below)

Wells (Comment below)

South-East Cambridgeshire (Comment below)

Lewes (Comment below)


Winchester (Comment below)

Wolverhampton South West (Comment below)

Bedford (Comment below)

Orpington (Comment below)

Wantage (Comment below)

West Dorset (Comment below)

Please use the comments field to add any more reports….


21 thoughts on “Young Britons Foundation Hung Parliament leaflet is delivered far and wide

  1. I posted about thsi group back in March 2010

    Its chief executive Blaney has described the YBF as “a Conservative madrasa” that radicalises young Tories. Programmes have included trips to meet neo-conservative groups in the US and to a shooting range in Virginia to fire submachine guns and assault rifles.

    It claims to have trained 2500 young Tory activists including 35 Conservative parliamentary candidates at this election.

    My March posting is at:

  2. We’ve had them in Lewes too (safe LibDem seat). How can they be allowed to distribute these leaflets with no party political attribution?

    • They don’t say “Vote for” any party so they don’t need attribution to a party, but there are rules about imprints and being registered as a “third party” if your spend is above £10,000.

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  4. The YBF is also advised by Tory blogger Iain Dale; Daniel Hannan MEP and Andrew Griffiths CFO of BSkyB plc and the Tory PPC in Corby on 2001 and 2005

    YBF is the Tory Party by any other name and if they have broken the law I hope they get banged to rights!

  5. Since @torybear is a member of YBF it is very clear that they are a Tory proxy group. Note that @torybear is one of the employees (probably the only one) of The so-called “sunlight Centre” that “investigates” all politicians other than Tory politicians. Of course their “investigations” are smears, very much in the style of the Swift Boat Group.

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