Liveblogging the Leaders' debate #leadersdebate

9:00:50 PM: It’s great that the debate is coming from the throbbing heart of Granadaland #leadersdebate

9:01:39 PM: Don’t think much of the set. Typical tinny ITV stuff. The Channel4 Chancellor set was much better #leadersdebate

9:05:10 PM: Cameron is taking quite a slapping on the Leaders’ Slapomoter #leadersdebate

9:13:30 PM: Get your debate bingo cards here: #leadersdebate

9:15:46 PM: Cameron is the bookies’ favourite. Great expectations! #leadersdebate

9:22:21 PM: I will be witnessing part of the debate via Radio 5 Live – will there be a Nixon/Kennedy effect? #leadersdebate

9:27:08 PM: Liveblogging the Leaders’ debate #leadersdebate

9:33:48 PM: Only a smile from Clegg #gonick #leadersdebate

9:34:09 PM: Alastair Stewart seems remarkably relaxed #leadersdebate

9:35:16 PM: Great opening pitch from Nick. Measured. Passionate. #gonick #leadersdebate

9:36:12 PM: COMPLETE MISTAKE BY BROWN to address the hall not the camera – embarrassing! Makes the viewer feel lectured to #leadersdebate

9:37:07 PM: Great spin by Cameron – total meaningless twaddle #leadersdebate

9:38:05 PM: Brown is embarrassing. So old fashioned by speaking to the hall! #leadersdebate

9:39:56 PM: Cameron is pitching himself quite well – sincerity – if you can fake that you’ve got it made #leadersdebate

9:40:36 PM: Clegg shows some passion – unlike the others – he’s very natural #leadersdebate

9:42:16 PM: Clegg is showing he is listening well to the others #leadersdebate

9:43:28 PM: EXCELLENT point by Clegg about the neo-natal unit and shortage of medical staff. EXCELLENT! #leadersdebate

9:45:12 PM: Cmaeron is over-playing the Tory core xenophobic card #leadersdebate

9:45:51 PM: God! Clegg is great! Fantastic! #gonick #leadersdebate

9:47:15 PM: Cmaeron makes a prat of himself with fascetious question about regional immigration #gonick #leadersdebate

9:48:20 PM: Viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will now have their own programmes #leadersdebate

9:50:25 PM: Nick is looking into the camera consistently – looks great #leadersdebate

10:05:10 PM: Great points on expenses by Clegg #leadersdebate

10:07:34 PM: Cameron rubbish on mp number – bizarre response to expenses scandal #leadersdebate

10:19:19 PM: Cameron is tending to say meaningless soundbites versus relaxed substance and passion from Clegg #leadersdebate

10:20:33 PM: Brown sounded good on education on the radio. And he has got a couple of good laughs. #leadersdebate

10:21:39 PM: The NI rise proposed is HALF a per cent – I think people see through Cameron’s constant bleating about it #leadersdebate

10:23:16 PM: Very impressed by how Clegg is obviously listening to the others #leadersdebate

10:25:09 PM: RT @_jamselloyd Clegg at 62% on ITV poll. Cameron 28%, Gordon 19%. #gonick #libdems #leaderselection #leadersdebate

10:26:23 PM: Cameron looks as though someone has stuffed a cucumber up his arse #leadersdebate

10:28:10 PM: Real winner tonight is Nick Clegg – just looking at the camera has given him huge brownie points #leadersdebate

10:30:04 PM: Cameron is drowning #leadersdebate

10:35:57 PM: “Every urgent request…has been met” says Brown. That “urgent” seems new #leadersdebate

10:37:28 PM: I don’t think a Defence Review resounds with the man on the Clapham omnibus #leadersdebate

10:39:03 PM: Cameron total nonsense on Trident. Iran is not USSR. Claptrap! #leadersdebate

10:40:32 PM: Great passion on Trident from Clegg #leadersdebate

10:41:21 PM: Every live poll says Clegg is in the lead #leadersdebaye

10:41:44 PM: RT @MTuckerNo10 Andy Coulson has thrown a chair through the wall here #leadersdebate

10:44:54 PM: RT@david_stringer Halfway point internet poll on ITV Web site in #leadersdebate Clegg: 43%; Brown: 35%; Cameron: 22%

10:48:16 PM: How on earth can Cameron say he’ll supply all the expensive drugs under the sun ?! #leadersdebate

10:48:39 PM: Total demolition job of Cameron by Clegg #leadersdebate

10:49:23 PM: Like the fact that Clegg has relaxed enough to put his hands in his pockets momentarily #leadersdebate

10:50:19 PM: Alastair Stewart shouts the leaders’ names like the University Challenge announcer #leadersdebate

11:15:24 PM: Clegg storms it

11:29:05 PM: Itv comres poll of 4000 viewers: clegg 43% cam 26% brown 20% #leadersdebate
10:32:33 PM: YouGov-Lib Dems ahead at 33, Tories 32, Labour 26

5:39:45 PM: From Radio 4 PM: It’s like a journey back in time – everybody is travelling by train and talking about the Liberals winning an election.

9:36:59 PM: Ipsos mori have the lib dems in the lead on 39%. More deep breathing exercises needed…

10:13:18 PM: Comres con 35, ld 26, lab 26

6:19:23 AM: A new word enters the polling lexicon via Mike Smithson: “roly poly’ – to describe the way Comres do their polls

6:53:39 AM: Generals add their fire to Clegg’s attack on Trident – Times

6:56:07 AM: Big picture of Clegg on the Times front page with the headline: ‘The halo effect’

5:25:35 PM: New Mori & Harris polls confirm Comres last night was an outlier. The gold Cleggwagon rolls on!

9:14:49 PM: The myth of the first debate / polls,polls,polls and ComRes/ITV

11:26:50 PM: Registered donations from registered donors paid to a registered employer -on page 1 of the Telegraph. On page 2: the papal balcony

10:18:30 AM: Why the right-wing press are attacking Clegg

11:12:52 AM: Suddenly everything is #nickcleggsfault <- Hilarious tweets

11:13:43 AM: World hunger #nickcleggsfault

11:14:12 AM: Traffic jams #nickcleggsfault

11:15:43 AM: Those silly milk cartons which are nigh-on impossible to open without getting a Lewinsky-like white splash on your jacket #nickcleggsfault

11:38:59 AM: RT @bmay: Michael Gove always reminds me of a baby ostrich that has hatched a week early


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