Clegg storms it

The ITV/ComRes poll said it all. It was an instant phone-up poll done straight after the end of the debate – of 4,000 viewers. That’s a big sample:

Clegg 43%

Cameron 26%

Brown 20%

Sun/YouGov echoes this with: Clegg 51%, Cameron 29%, Brown 19%

And why? It has been obvious to many for years that Nick Clegg has extraordinary intelligence, passion and energy. At long last he has been allowed a forum to show that off.

He was relaxed – the only one of the leaders to smile at the outset. Perhaps most importantly, he was the only one of the leaders to look straight into the camera for most of the time. Most of all, he showed passion and even controlled anger on every question.

Cameron was very odd. It’s as if he decided to make sure he wasn’t too relaxed or smiley. I have never seen him so restrained. The shots of him off camera showed him looking very stiff-shirted. He completely over-played the proposal to implement a 0.5 per cent NI increase. People see through this. Clegg blew apart his “something for nothing” manifesto. Cameron doesn’t know how to debate – he gave Clegg a golden opportunity to explain the LibDem tax proposal and constantly ran out of ideas. He just hasn’t got a policy intellect. Clegg most certainly has.

Brown was a disaster in that he addressed the hall rather than the camera. Big mistake. On the radio he sounded quite good – particularly on education.

But – hallejujuah! – the night belongs to Nick Clegg, but most importantly to those people in the country who want to move forward with sensible, thought out policies.


4 thoughts on “Clegg storms it

  1. It was a rout. Nickers rocked! I have to be moderate on my blog as I’m now a candidate so allow me to air my views here.

    Nick slayed them. He was confident, clear, he spoke to the audience, he didn’t blather and he even had the best suit.

    To quote Ron Weasley, it was bl**dy brilliant.

  2. Yes, Clegg had the best delivery. He was also being himself (as was Brown), but Cameron was not. Another problem is Brown and Cameron did, and said, nothing new.

    Clegg showed ‘controlled anger’, but so did Cameron. Cameron has clearly been advised to hold off and not go for the throat. Brown clearly was the one that had difficulty containing himself. The ‘looking into the camera’ fetish is not something I have and was not something I noticed in any of the leaders, nor something that mattered to me. The most important thing was content, and it is that where Clegg won.

    One thing I disliked about the leaders, was the over use of anecdotes, as if things have to change because of this one thing they were told about on their once in ever 5 year visit to schools and hospitals, etc, it was very Daily Mail!

    I think Cameron has every right to play the NI tax card, as it is one of the few differentiators he has for his campaign.

    I don’t think Clegg ‘blew apart’ Cameron’s ‘something for nothing’ manifesto, I’d say Brown landed that one more effectively.

    Again, I think the addressing the camera/audience was irrelevant. No one seemed to mention it in the post debate reviews. Indeed, I wouldn’t have said, from memory, Clegg was especially more camera focused than the others. Perhaps Clegg does things for you more than I 😉

    Yes, the night belonged to Clegg, but I cannot help but feel that if he was within 6 percentage points of the Premiership, that he might have been adversely affected by the evening as well.

    On policy, Clegg hit some runs, but looking at the poll results, it didn’t seem as though he won over legions of fans on every point. Indeed, when he started to speak about austere measures, his real-time approval rating dipped. People responded to positive speak.

    In summary, Cameron flattered to deceive, Brown held his own and FINALY, Clegg introduced the Lib Dems.

    As was pointed out later, on This Week, none of the main three parties are totally honest about their budgets. None of the party’s budgets add up. So none, I’d say, are covered in glory.

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