The thickness of a Rizla

That’s the difference, it seems, between Darling and Osborne on the economy. Despite all his sound and fury, George Osborne wants to reduce the “bulk” of the structural deficit in the next parliament versus Darling’s 67% planned reduction. Osborne wants 80% of the reduction to come from spending cuts, while Darling wants 67% from spending – a difference, by the way, of just £5billion or 1% of annual government spending.

That’s what the difference between Labour and the Tories boils down to, as beautifully illustrated by Evan Davis on Today in his interview with a lamb to the slaughter George Osborne.

By the way, set your alarm early for May 6th. Set it for 6.59am. That seems to be the minute when Osborne will finally lay out his “detailed” plans on tax and spending. Well, Cameron and Osbourne keep on saying they’ll lay out their plans before the election but haven’t said when exactly. Well, for goodness sake, they’ve only got five weeks to do it in? How late are they going to leave it?


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