Margaret Thatcher – egg fueled PM

Margaret Thatcher’s files from her early days in power, have been released. They are very absorbing. I have already learnt that MT (as they refer to her) received, on her appointment as Prime Minister, congratulatory telegrams from Lulu, Peter Sellers and Eric Morecambe (previously assumed to be a Labour supporter). And Denis Thatcher was most distraught because he had to attend a state banquet and miss the Middlesex RFU centenary dinner.

Early notes also show that Margaret Thatcher already had strained relations with Oxford University:

MT already had troubled relations with Oxford. Her old college, Somerville, was holding a reunion (‘Gaudy’) to mark its centenary. MT heard about it but did not receive an invitation so – evidently hurt –asked a fellow Somerville graduate to find out quietly whether they wanted her to come. The college said the letter had gone astray and she attended. A few months later the college Principal wrote her sharply attacking the government’s increase in fees to overseas students.

The files reveal that Jim Callaghan had terrible trouble with his Rovers (official cars) and eventually, after a window fell out on his lap, banished them all to the back garage. Thatcher’s officials considered a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow as her transport, but eventually plumped for Daimlers.

 Thatcher was very keen on her eggs. At one point she was eating 28 eggs per week. I hope someone opened the windows.


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