Doggedly loyal and moderate Tory MEP highlights the shattering stupidity of Cameron

It’s not often that you actually see one of your local MEPs, especially ones who are not Liberal Democrats.

One of my previous MEPs, who I have actually seen in the flesh, is Caroline Jackson, who is currently an MEP for a neighbouring region.

She addressed a meeting, which I attended, of the Newbury United Nations Association in about 1992. For a Tory, she is not a bad egg. One of their more reasonable politicians, I believe.

It really is quite extraordinary that she is now on the brink of leaving the Tories over the mind-blowingly ludicrous decision taken by Cameron in first week’s of leadership to leave the moderate EPP formation in the European Parliament. Her decision to make her thinking public shows how utterly stupid Cameron’s decision is, and reveals the truth about the Tory party. No matter how much Cameron may pretend to be moderate, there is still stupid, burning Euro-hatred at its core.

Caroline Jackson has said, extraordinarily: “Pulling out of the EPP was ridiculous, is a serious mistake and I am minded to leave the party.” She’s been a Tory member since 1963 for goodness sake! It really takes talent on Cameron’s part to wind up such a loyal moderate Tory politician for the absolutely pointless and virtually meaningless matter of which blinking group your MEPs sit with in the EP (especially as Cameron is driving his MEP’s into a marginal group containing some rather extreme Poles.)

As a footnote, Caroline Jackson’s hubby, Robert, was Tory MP for Wantage but defected to Labour just before he stood down as an MP.


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