Well I’ll be doggone – Arnold Schwarzenegger goes all weak at the knees in the presence of Obama

Is he in love?

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) was “mesmerized” after President Obama’s town hall meeting in Los Angeles today, according to Politico.Said Schwarzenegger: “I’ve never seen that. Usually people are so guarded. The aides are always so guarded. They’re so afraid that you will blow it or that you will make news that’s unintended and all those things.””But I think he’s so smart. He’s so clear with his thinking and he’s so well informed and has been dealing with policy in all this and is also very philosophic it’s almost like. I think he’s just like — I think it’s beautiful.”

Harriet Harman goes for apology of the year

Harriet Harman writes a letter of apology to actor Michael Sheen after telling him she thinks he isn’t as good looking as Tony Blair. The original dig and the reading of the letter are captured on this video of the Five Live Simon Mayo show.

I suppose we should applaud Harman for apologising so quickly and sweetly.

Marvellous Ford wins Thatcham South by-election for LibDems

Update: Actual result was:

Marvellous Ford – Liberal Democrat: 1053 votes
Conservative: 680 votes

Liberal Democrat majority: 373
LibDem hold
Cause: Resignation

Turnout 34% (better than last election)

Marvellous Ford has won the Thatcham Town Council by-election (Thatcham South ward) for the Liberal Democrats with a majority of 300 plus!

This is an absolutely storming result! Many congratulations to Marvellous on becoming a councillor. Well done to agent Chris Day and the team!

Rarely has an election result given me such joy as this one!