100 things more popular than Twitter

I like number 45 – Ross Perot!

From the Buisness Insider:

How big is the Twitter hype?
Google News tells us that in the hour before we published this post, there were 40,820 news stories published that used the company’s name.
Last we heard from anybody official, micro-blogging service Twitter had about 6 million unique visitors per month.
That’s pretty big for a a relatively new startup. But let’s be serious: in the grand scheme of things, 6 million people isn’t very many.

To illustrate this point, we decided to come up with a list of 100 things more popular than Twitter. We looked at variety of metrics — circulation, ratings, units sold, tickets sold, unique visitors, etc — so obviously, the list isn’t scientific. It’s directional. (And, you know, fun.)

See list here.

James Graham live tweeting from today’s launch of Jury Team

I thought it was worth preserving this for posterity. Apart from anything else it kills the canard that Twitter is all about “having a cocoa”…”going to the toilet”….

Tweets of particular comedic value are bolded. See James Graham’s Twitter page here. The Jury Team website is here.

At the launch where I plan to live tweet

Seem to be one of the youngest people here maybe 5 peeps under 35?

Just spotted Martin Bell and Richard Taylor MP

Now in the auditorium to start

Hmmm appear to be the only person tweeting this

Kicks off with video hosted by Paul Judge

Video thus far consists of a load of canards

Black person in the video No black people on stage

Paul Judge starts talking

Judge: internet has cut out the middleman – we will do the same with politics

Judge: bread and circuses

Apparently we didn’t have any corruption before political parties – scrap the Great Reform Act! Bring back the rotten borough!

Graph showing UK cits have lowest trust in parliament in EU leaves out Italy

Lots of quotes and opinion polls But where is the empirical evidence?

I like the way they keep skipping over the Lib Dems

Oh God, he’s only just finished ‘why’? Four more to go

Their open primaries will apparently involve 100% of the population Really?

One Mobile One Vote I know people with three!

Lord Ramsbotham speaks He doesn’t smile much

Spare me this guff independents only existing to serve the national interest

Martin Bell takes the podium

Richard Taylor claims there are a) lots of people here and b) young people Where?

This talk about the glory of being ‘independent’ is starting to sound like groupthink

Taylor seems to entirely misunderstand how Parliament works

I have to admit, the will be an intriguing experiment with a much simpler concept than YourParty

Mansfield’s independent mayor wants fewer councillors = less accountability

Hates multi-member wards This guy ain’t no democrat!

The theme coming through is that independents must never stand against each other

Miranda Banks announces her candidacy She is a ‘performance psychologist’ Hmmm

Thus far she has talked complete waffle

Keeps banging on ‘having a charcoal’ MLK’s ‘dream’ was a bit more evocative

Mixing her metaphors How do you ‘mould’ a drawing?

A ‘picture that is so alive you can smell it’ What the f**k (my asterisks) is she on ? Is she drunk?

‘Keep the stuff in our hearts and bring it out there’ – then it won’t be in your heart

Lyn Tofari looks like a better catch, candidate wise She hasn’t swallowed a management training manual

Just asked two questions

Candidates will have no expenses limit for need for transparency for selection process

Very unsatisfactory answer regarding how voters can scrutinise candidates

Apparently everyone who is ‘independent’ can speak on behalf of the British people I might try it some time

conclusion: the concept is simple enough that it might just work for the Euros, but that’s when the problems will start

And I’m REALLY suspicious of this guff speaking for ‘the people’ Groupthink at best, mid class fascism at worst Ein volk?

@willhowells WTF? How did that suddenly spring from my subconscious?!

@Documentally I WAS the livestream Or the closest thing to it

Glass half full

-The FTSE’s up 2.69% today.

-Wall Street is seeing its fifth successive positive day with regards to the Dow. Barclays report a “strong start” to 2009.

-I was talking to some friends yesterday and they report that a couple of local handymen say they had a terrible January, particularly during the snowy period, but that things are picking up in February.

-I saw someone buying a newspaper yesterday.

-I have seen a few daffodils coming through.

Yes, of course, no one can call any of these “green shoots of recovery” (except perhaps the dafs) but they sure as heck beat the alternative of constantly having bad news shoved down our necks.

A sure sign that spring has arrived…..

Two frogs engaged in the time-honoured and happy state of amplexus in our garden pond yesterday. There is nothing that gives me a deeper sense of primeval wellbeing than observing activity in our pond. When I saw two newts in there last year I could hardly contain myself.

P.S. We did have quite a family debate about whether they are frogs or toads but came to the conclusion they are frogs because of the shape of the spawn they (or their relatives) laid last year.