US Republicans still searching for the bottom

The poor old US Republicans are still wondering when it will stop getting worse and start getting better for them.

Bless them. There have been a number of excruciating episodes for them recently.

One of their leading contenders for their next Presidential candidacy, Bobby Jindal, sort of self-combusted when he responded to Obama’s non-state of the nation address (see below).

In terms of approval for their congress team, the Republicans have gone down to as low as 25% in the polls. Quite low really.

In a masterstroke, the Democratic high command identified right-wing shock jock Rush Limbaugh as a weak spot for the Republicans. So they have been talking him up as the de facto leader of the Republicans. Limbaugh, of course, is delighted to help them talk this up, as it helps the ratings for his radio show. Limbaugh and the Democrats are locked into a sort of pact of the devil. Polls show that Limbaugh is a massive turn off for voters.

The Republicans tried to do something right by electing African-American Michael Steele as their chairman. He has now started to hack away at the Republican base by making (in their eyes) “heretical” remarks about gays and abortion. You know, really controversial things like abortion is a choice and homosexuality isn’t a choice. This has not gone down well in the red-neck areas of the Repuiblican party.


Doesn’t Obama write funny?

Just thought I’d mention it. There’s nothing wrong with the way he writes. But I just notice that he sort of signs his name in a sort of upside-down/backsy forth way.

Bush shoe-thrower gets three years in jail

Muntazer Al-Zaidi, the man who threw his shoes at George Bush in Iraq, has received a three year jail sentence. This is on top of a beating he apparently received at the time of the incident.

If there was any justice in the world, it would be George Bush who serves the jail sentence.

This was a democratic act which harmed no one. Even if the shoes had hit George Bush’s head, I doubt whether he would have felt them (ha ha – “no sense no feeling”). I suppose I shouldn’t judge Iraqi affairs with British eyes, but three years seems a ridiculously stiff sentence for a man who should be feted as a hero. I would have thought that he deserves a couple weeks – tops.