Where’s Hills?

You can use this interactive map to see where Hillary Clinton is at any given moment, and see where’s she been. Given that she is US Secretary of State, this map is going to have a fair few zig-zags on it in months to come.


Welcome and very clear rejection of torture

I’m very late on this one, I know. But I have just read Lord Guthrie’s Times article against torture. Coming from a military man, it is a extremely forecful and passionate rejection of torture in any form:

Torture is wrong. People are ends in themselves, never merely means. Absolute human rights represent a limit to utilitarian calculations and speculations on national interest. They are the Rubicon that no hypothetical consequences, even in dire “ticking bomb” scenarios, must force us across. Everyone, even the terrorist, is human. There are no untermenschen. To label the criminal subhuman is to exonerate him.

…Torture is self-defeating. We need to distinguish ourselves from our enemies. We must not, in the false name of moral equivalence, degrade ourselves to their level. Once we do, Pandora’s Box is difficult even for presidents to shut. If an interrogator is told by his superior to extract information from a prisoner, he will not want to fail. Torture then becomes a temptation, or worse, a habit, from cages in Cuba to the outrages of Abu Ghraib. It is imperative that the clear message from the very top is that there is no circumstance in which it is to be sanctioned. Soldiers and security services must be properly trained in lawful interrogation techniques. This is no job for amateurs.

Tory PPC caught copying whole chunks of a leaflet from the Sun

And that candidate was a Rees-Mogg, educated at Eton. Not exactly someone you would expect to need to crib from Trevor Kavanagh.

He is the son of one of the finest journalists of the 20th century, a man with a decade of experience of his own in the City.
So when Jacob Rees-Mogg wrote to prospective voters in North East Somerset to wax lyrical about Gordon Brown’s failings over the economy, they might have been forgiven for assuming he would know his stuff.
But eagle-eyed readers of the letter and article sent by the Tory candidate to slam the Prime Minister’s handling of the economy spotted something familiar.
For in fact entire sections of Mr Rees-Mogg’s diatribe were unceremoniously nicked from The Sun.
An article published by the newspaper’s associate editor Trevor Kavanagh in December appears to have been cut and pasted into a letter signed by Mr Rees-Mogg, which was sent to prospective voters in January, and then put through doors from Radstock to Keynsham last month.
This week the would-be politician admitted he hadn’t, in fact, written any of it, was embarrassed at being found out, and would even apologise to Trevor Kavanagh.

The sheer cheek of Woolas

This really does take the custard cream. Phil Woolas, probably the most political person in the history of mankind, accusing the National Office for Statistics of “playing politics” because they……er………..wait for it………..hold on to your hats…..gird your loins…..……issued some statistics.

If I could think of a white thing in a traditional kitchen environment, I would have titled this “Pot calls [insert name of white thing in traditional kitchen environment] black” but thought better of it.