Contestants for pillock of the year award

Ted Kennedy is to get an honorary knighthood. Hurrah! say I.

Bear in mind other recipients of that award include Terry Wogan and Bob Geldof. So, the currency is not exactly of high value, although those two characters deserve recognition in their own right.

But the award to Ted Kennedy has been questioned by a Tory frontbencher and Ann Widdecombe.

We are talking about one of the most successful and distinguished legislators in the history of the USA, who played a key role in bringing about peace in Ireland, as the Evening Standard mentions:
He became an influential figure in the Northern Ireland peace process through his ability to swing Irish-American opinion as figurehead of the Kennedy clan.

Although disliked by Unionists for his nationalist sympathies, he opposed violent Republicanism and worked to frustrate fundraising by IRA groups in America.
With peace talks under way, he lobbied to get Gerry Adams a US visa – but famously snubbed the Sinn Fein leader after the murder of Robert McCartney by Republicans in 2005.

Whatever is done to try to make the Tories look progressive, mealy-mouthed stupidity like this keeps slipping out to reveal their true colours.


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