Police to give Cameron cycle safety advice

Boris Johnson yesterday said there should be “zero tolerance” of cyclists who break the rules of the road. When asked about his own boss’ cycling mishaps, he blustered, saying: “Show me the evidence !”. Obviously, Boris doesn’t bother to read the press before he ventures out in the morning.

The Mirror reports today:

Bike menace David Cameron faces a humiliating lecture from police safety bosses over his hazardous cycling.

Met chiefs called him “very stupid” after the Mirror filmed him breaking four road laws – including going past a red light – in 22 minutes.

They will send a cycling expert to give clueless Cam safety tips. But Tory London mayor hopeful Boris Johnson had no sympathy for him and declared:

“We should have zero tolerance of cyclists when they break the rules.”

Senior officers say they plan to give Calamity Cam, 41, a lecture on his haphazard riding “to save him from an inevitable trip to A&E in the back of an ambulance”.

A trip to A&E in the back of an ambulance for David Cameron ? Perish the thought! We can’t have that! It is in all our interests that David Cameron is taught to obey the Highway Code with all possible urgency. I would suggest that he joins a Cycling Proficiency Class for nine-year-olds at a local primary school. The future of the country is at stake.


Independent: Only the LibDems were right on Iraq

Andrew Grice in today’s Independent:

On Tuesday, the Conservative Party will propose an inquiry into the conflict to ensure all lessons are learnt. It, too, is trying to rewrite history. Without its support, Mr Blair would have lost the crucial Commons vote and Britain would not have gone to war. The only party that doesn’t want to rewind the tape is the Liberal Democrats, whose opposition to the war has been totally vindicated.

Hat-tip: Conservative Home