Interesting run-off likely in French election

There always seems to be a clearish result from the French elections, a few hours after polls close. It seems Sargozy got 30%, Royal 25.2%, Centrist Bayrou 18.3% and Le Pen 11.5%. There was a record turnout.

This makes the second round fascinating. If Royal gets a good chunk of Bayrou’s vote she could be in with a shout. The idea of Sarkozy in power is fairly nauseating. Did you see him on a horse in yesterday’s Guardian? Pass the sickbag, Alice.

Effluent release into Firth of Forth – open goal for Salmond

Alex Salmond goes where other politicians fear to tread. It is only a matter of a few hours, I suspect, before he comes up with a cunning joke linking this unfortunate event to Labour’s last days in power in Scotland. John Smith got a laugh about “hotels falling into the sea” under John Major’s faltering premiership. Surely it is a bit of an open goal to do a similar thing linking Labour with….ahem…..effluent releases into the Firth of Forth. Perhaps one of ours will get there first, but then maybe they won’t stoop so low.

The Ten Green Commandments

The Church of England has issued The Ten Green Commandments, which include sharing cars, using energy saving bulbs and taking local holidays. I know they have done this, because I heard it on Radio Two’s news. That was during the Alan Titchmarsh programme. (Hello? I can’t believe I am listening to Alan Titchmarsh). But can I find the story on the web? I cannot.

Anyway, well done CofE, and I am preparing to have a guilty flurry of activity.