Bob Woolmer – was it death by natural causes after all?

It seems that the whole Bob Woolmer murder investigation hangs on the laboriously long wait for the toxicology and blood tests.

Rory Carroll’s report in the Guardian yesterday raised some interesting points. Chief amongst them was the fact that Woolmer was found slumped up against the bathroom door in his hotel room, so that the chambermaid, who discovered him, had to push the door open. When asked how the killer could have left the bathroom, the detective leading the investigation, Mike Shields said only: “good question”.

There is the possibility the broken bone in Woolmer’s neck (which triggered the murder investigation) was caused by efforts to resuscitate him.

Foolish decision to allow ex-hostage sailors to sell their stories

It really is stupid for the Ministry of Defence to allow the fifteen sailors, who were taken hostage in Iran, to sell their stories to the media. Apart from anything else, it will expose them to unwelcome publicity. The MOD should protect their personnel. Anonymity in the forces is a valuable asset. It is wrong to expose serving personnel to the harsh world of the media.

Menzies Campbell also made this excellent point: “There is the understandable feeling of the families who have died in Iraq as to why it should be that those who have survived should – putting it bluntly – profit in this way.”