The contents of the goody bags given by Iran to our sailors?

Arguably, they may have been illegally kidnapped and paraded in front of the media, in contravention of the Geneva Convention, but, bless them, the Iranian military gave “goody bags” to our released sailors. Oh well, that’s alright then. It’s just like a kid’s party or a beano at conference. Take a goody bag as you leave.

One wonders what was in those goody bags?

Key fobs emblazoned with pictures of a smiling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Bumper stickers saying “I shat in the Shatt al Arab waterway”?

The possibilities are endless.


Tory MP on doorstep one hour before nominations due

I have heard a whisper about a Conservative MP who turned up unannounced on someone’s doorstep one hour before nominations were due last Wednesday. Said MP promptly thrust some nomination forms in front of the person to sign as a official candidate of the Conservative party for the council elections.

Shurely shome mishtake?!

Colne Milly

We had a long weekend last week in Colne, Lancashire. This was to meet relatives and finalise some arrangements. However, we had an exceptionally enjoyable time. The Bronte museum at Howarth was a particular highlight.

As usual, we stayed in the wonderful Crown Hotel in Albert road, Colne. This is just near the railway station. Recently, this statue of “Milly” by Claire Bigger has been erected in the station approach. It is part of “Colne in Bloom 2007” and a superb example of public art. There is a great display board by the statue (below) which links it to the local milling industry. It is particularly poignant to be reminded of the conditions in which Lancastrians worked only a hundred or so years ago.