Smelling burning wheelie bins is the new "drug of choice"

As the council elections get underway, this is a story which is bizarrely relevant. Wheelie bins set alight, and then smelt, are the new “drug of choice”, reportedly.

Barking or what?


Newbury Labour candidates – marked reduction

Comparing the 2003 candidates for West Berkshire Council with the 2007 ones, it is clear there has been a reduction in the amount of Labour party candidates standing in Newbury.

In 2003 there were 12 Labour candidates in West Berkshire. In 2007 there are 11.

In Newbury in 2003, Labour stood candidates in St Johns, Northcroft, Falkland and Clayhill (in addition there was a Social Labour candidate in Victoria ward). This time there are Labour candidates only in Falkland and Clayhill wards (additionally they have a candidate in Greenham, a small part of which is in Newbury town). For the first time for many years, Steve Billcliffe is not standing for Labour in Newbury.